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BRIO Travel Hacks

Are You Covered?


Many emergencies, inconveniences and additional expenses that can occur before and during travel can be covered by trip insurance. Things such as medical emergencies (whether yours or a family member’s), trip cancelation (before departing), trip interruption (cutting a trip short), lost baggage and even flight delays may be reimbursed depending on the type of coverage you purchase. Call BRIO today to request a trip insurance quote.

Can You Move About?


Requirements for visa and passport validity vary by country and many require your passport to be valid 6 mos beyond your return date. Some countries require an international driver permit to rent a car. Check the US government international travel specifications to ensure you are prepared

Before leaving, save photos of your passport, driver license and birth certificate in the cloud with password protection. EX: Dropbox or iCloud

Have You Checked?


If you are checking a bag, always put 1-2 days worth of hard-to-replace or very personal items such as medications, contact lenses/glasses, specific toiletries in your carry on. You may even want a change of clothes in case of lost luggage. Always store money, passports, credit cards or other sensitive items on your person, not in checked bags. Also, read up on your airline's baggage policies to avoid oversized bag fees.

Can You Call?


Be sure all travelers with you have the phone number to your BRIO contact’s mobile phone and BRIO's local partners in the countries you will visit. Store emergency phone numbers for the countries you are visiting and save those in your phone for easy access. It is also a good idea to  save the phone number and location of the US Embassy in cities you will visit. You can sign up for US Embassy Alerts and updates here: STEP

Got Money?


Make sure you have notified your credit card and banking institutions that you are traveling and to which countries, so your cards do not get flagged for potential fraud when using them internationally. For cash, it is a good idea to change some money at your local bank before travel. Carry some extra money in USD in case you need more of the local country’s currency. 5* hotels are often able to at least exchange a couple hundred dollars. 

Are You Lost In Translation?


Download the Google Translate app. You can enter a phrase in English and after translation, turn your phone horizontally for the text to enlarge. This can be very helpful in any circumstance where you are having trouble getting help or communicating in another country. Even when the person you are communicating with is “English-speaking” some things simply do not translate as well unless you can use their language.