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The Brio Boutique Experiences team crafts uncommon luxury travel for individuals, families, and professional and corporate groups. Through global partnerships, we provide dependable, personal service and creative solutions to meet the needs of those who travel well and are well-traveled.  

the BRIO way

Personal Service

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We believe that reinventing the wheel isn't a bad thing when it comes to designing luxury travel because every client has their own unique travel style.

Creative Thinking


Our luxury travel services go beyond getting you from point A to B. Thinking outside of the box as we craft a trip is the rule, not the exception for us.



Brio has tripled in size and this is mostly due to client referrals. We take this trust our clients place in us very seriously and we strive to continue earning it.

Our Craft



As travel service websites have proliferated over the years, savvy luxury travelers realized that while the internet can be a great place to gather ideas, reaching the hidden gems and indigenous experiences requires a personal connection.  BRIO clients have come to rely on our holistic approach: a keen understanding of our client's desires, a touch of imagination and a purview of logistics to complement a portfolio of uncommon experiences we are perpetually cultivating.



BRIO's affiliation with exclusive luxury travel networks populates our "black book" with vetted global travel resources we use to design uncommon luxury travel experiences befitting a discerning traveler. Throughout the year, the owner, Jen Duncan, visits locations around the world to meet these key contacts, scout destinations, inspect exclusive accommodations and preview local experiences for BRIO clients.



BRIO team members are as united in their passion to traverse this beautiful world as they are obsessed with helping each client do so their own distinct way. Whether it’s a tramp through New Zealand, whirlwind European culture tour, South American epicurean adventure or African beach to bush journey, the BRIO team delights in curating elements that elevate our client's encounters. We are so much more than a travel agency. 

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